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Common back problems -

Wed 17th Oct 18

  1-Lift and twist injuries    

I’m sure many of you will have fallen foul of the ‘lift and twist’ back strain at some point or other; Often caused by having to lift an object which is away from your body, and  pull it towards you or to the side.

I have done this myself when trying to get hold of a cardboard box in the garage which was too far away, but tried to grab it anyway! The result was a very nasty pain across my lower back and going up towards my waistline.

The part of the lower back which comes into play when we perform the lift and twist action is called the ilio lumbar ligament and it connects the lumbar spine to the pelvic crest.


The ilio lumbar ligament helps the big erector spinae back muscles to stabilise the lower back and protect the sacro-iliac joint. It also is supposed to stop us from extending too far, so if you do silly things in the garage you can end up by straining this ligament.

When you strain or damage anything your fascia thickens and closes down to protect it.

If you remain inactive for too long after an ilio - lumbar injury the fascia remains thickened, dense and inflexible and this inevitably leads to pain.

* The Langevin study of 2009 on low back pain and fascial thickening due to inflexibility and lack of movement said this

"Increased thickness and disorganization of connective tissue layers may be an important and so-far neglected factor in human LBP pathophysiology."  

This is where Bowen Technique can be very helpful as it helps to reduce the pain by addressing the fascia and also increase circulation and flexibility in this sensitive area.

Initially, ice and rest will help (and of course avoid lifting anything for a week or so),

then you really need to start some gentle stretching and strengthening exercises – yoga or Pilates can be really helpful here.

And of course, make sure you look after your connective tissue by having some Bowen sessions!