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How is your pelvic tilt affecting you?

Wed 25th Jan 17

Bottoms – are you a flat pack, or a ski slope?!

Are you always getting hamstring strain?

Or are you the type who can forward bend and touch your toes no problem?

The reason could simply be the tilt of your pelvis, if you have a posterior tilt to your pelvis then you are likely to have:

Underdeveloped glutes and stretchy hamstrings mean that your back will take the strain and is probably quite strong, but prone to sacro-iliac tension.

This type will benefit from doing exercises to strengthen the glutes and quads, such as squats or the horse riding stance.

Conversely, all those lucky people with J Lo style ski slope bottoms are like that because they have:

Because of this the hamstrings take a lot of the strain and are prone to tension ,and take all the strain when doing exercise.

The buttocks are also doing their job of being shock absorbers for the body and providing stability, but this type are more likely to have lower back strain.

People with an anterior tilt to the pelvis can benefit from doing regular hamstring stretches and being careful to strengthen the lower back.

If you can establish which of these types you are then it will help your exercise and stretching routine, and also long term prevention of aches and strains!

It is important and highly advantageous to you to keep the fascia, or connective tissues (which encase and penetrate the muscles) hydrated and flexible by doing regular stretches or yoga.

When your connective tissue is healthy then your muscles will have good function, movement and circulation.

Bowen Technique helps the muscles, tendons and ligaments by keeping the fascia healthy and happy!

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