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Chinese five element theory - Fire

on Thursday, 05 July 2012. Posted in Therapies

Daoyin Tao -Fire element

Daoyin Tao and the Chinese five element theory

Those of you have experienced the glorious treatment that is Daoyin Tao might have heard the Five Element Theory mentioned in connection with it, and as we are at the height of Summer (!) think it is time to unleash the Fire Element on you,to warm you up if nothing else!

The Five Elements(that is wood, fire, earth, metal and water) are an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and defining your five element ‘type’ can be a crucial part of maintain good health and eliminating ‘dis-ease’ or imbalance .Of course not everyone fits perfectly into any particular type, just as we don’t all fit our astrological profile exactly.

Here is some general information about the Fire element – see if you recognise any of the characteristics in yourself, or someone you know!!

Fire Element

Associated season Summer

Colour Red

Taste – bitter taste – fire personalities like bitter foods such as artichoke, buckwheat, brussel sprouts, goats milk, coffee ,red wine, elderberries ,grapefruit , quince, oregano, paprika, basil, dandelion and chicory. Also all grilled meat.

Associated organs and emotional analogies: Heart (Joy) and small intestine(anxiety). The heart is the seat of the spirit and the fire element person is all about emotional closeness, intimacy, establishing relationships, expressing love and sexuality, expansiveness, enthusiasm, passion, playfulness, joyfulness, laughter, warmth and relaxation.

Fire people when out of balance can suffer from anxiety , restlessness and insomnia. They typically are prone to stuttering, talking too much,or conversely being closed and isolated . They will exhibit a lack of joy and warmth, difficulty in intimate relationships, depression, confusion ,and, low energy. They have very stong issues about their ‘loveability’ which if unchecked can create unhealthy belief systems, such as ‘ I must be happy to be loved’.

Physical manifestations The Heart /San Jaio meridian meridian runs all around the ear more or less so people with a fire element to their nature may suffer with tinnitus and ear problems .( See also Water element later this year!)Fire element is also linked to the autonomic nervous system and blood pressure/heart issues, digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and cardiac disease.

The outlet for the heart and small intestine is the tongue. Fire element people love to socialise, are usually very charismatic and are good at rousing others to action! – ring any bells......!

The Sun is the other element associated with this type – fire element people can become vulnerable in the heat of summer, but don’t worry, walking is calming and soothing for them!  

One other thing to note – the small intestine/heart are stressed by time pressures, and this can cause recurring bladder infections .So cut out the coffee and try to reduce heavy demands which include tight schedules – easier said than done ...  

I hope you have enjoyed dipping your metaphorical toes into the Chinese Five element theory with me- look out for a bit of background on the Earth element in a couple of months’ time!

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