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Bowen Technique and aftercare - Walking

on Thursday, 28 November 2013. Posted in Therapies

After a Bowen treatment I usually hand you a slip of paper with ‘aftercare ‘ on it – to help with your healing the week after .

 I thought it would be useful to explain the three main requests which are on that slip in a little more detail,starting with walking.

A Bowen treatment sets many wheels in motion throughout the body –

 *it starts a dialogue between the two sides of the Autonomic Nervous System ( put simply, the message pathways between brain, spinal cord and the rest of the body ),

      * it starts a re-set or softening of the fascia or soft tissues which envelope and connect the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments

With the Bowen move comes increased circulation and thus improved function –BUT you need to help your body and this is where the walking request comes in .

Walking around after a treatment helps your lymphatic system clear out any rubbish which is circulating by use of the muscular movement. If you don’t do it you are effectively sitting in your own dirty water – yuk!

It also ‘resets ‘ the work done every time you stand up and helps to eliminate any stiffness or soreness.

In the words of a clever man ‘ if you keep moving, you keep moving – if you rest ,you rust!’   

~ So, after your Bowen treatment please try to keep to the 15 minutes walking per day  - it is in your own best interest and will help your body to heal.~

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