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Discount at Yogamasti

on Tuesday, 16 September 2014. Posted in Clothing

We are happy to announce that Reflotherapies customers can have 10% discount with Yogamasti clothing.

"Yogamasti is a beautiful brand of yoga clothing and they cater both for men and women. As a teacher and holistic practitioner, I find their clothing extremely comfortable.They have unique artistic designs and they use hand painted detail on many of them too. Their online yoga shop sells clothes, mats, equipment, meditation accessories and a lot more. Moreover all their clothing is well supported. Yogamasti clothing is thoughtfully designed,beautifully made and of the highest quality -I recommend it."


To obtain your discount code please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New bamboo clothing range

on Tuesday, 29 July 2014. Posted in Clothing

We are excited to announce that we have a new range of bamboo t shirts for men and women,based on the Yamas.

The yamas are the 5 self restriants of yoga,and they are as follows:

Ahimsa: Non-violence. This is having respect and compassion for all beings and refraining from using violence through our thoughts, words and actions. In relation to our own yoga practice this can be thought of as not causing harm to ourselves by forcing our bodies during asana or pranayama.

Satya: Truthfulness. This is being truthful and honest in all that we say and do. Within our own yoga practice we should listen to our body and be honest about our limitations.

Asteya: Non-stealing. This is respecting what belongs to others, including ideas as well as material possessions, and not stealing them for ourselves. This is often extended to not desiring or coveting what belongs to another person.

Brahmacharya: Continence and control. This does not necessarily mean celibacy or abstinence, but rather using our life force wisely and channelling it towards our yogic path. This yama is also often seen as moderation.

Aparigraha: Non-greed. This is not only living without greed, but also not seeking to accumulate unnecessary possessions or gifts.


Our t shirts are available in 3 adult sizes, and are made from bamboo,which is an amazing fibre.

They are priced at £23 .


We also have added two categories for group Chranket purchases - so if you would like to order a small quantity for your groups,you can now order 5 or 10 blankets for a fixed price,which includes shipping.